Cleaning Day

Blue Mountain Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is committed to performing it’s work at the scheduled time. In order for us to proceed at a pace which will minimize the amount of disruption in your home on cleaning day, we created a list of suggestions which will move things along.

What to move on cleaning day:

  • Please remove plants from the areas to be cleaned
  • Please remove antiques or heirlooms from the area to be cleaned
  • Please remove electronic equipment e.g. computers, tv’s, dvd players, printers from the floor in the areas to be cleaned

What not to move on cleaning day:

  • We move most furniture, e.g. sofa’s, luv seats, chairs, tables, lamps, we do not move home entertainments centers, aquariums, beds.

*Upholstery Cleaning will require us to remove cushions and reposition the items during cleaning. Please check your furniture for loose change, TV remotes, books, magazines, jewelry, etc. before we arrive. Our technicians will return to you all items found, but some may end up in a vacuum.

The weather on cleaning day…

Blue Mountain Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is a four seasons operation. We clean on sunny as well as rainy days. We will honor cleaning commitments on snow days too, provided our technicians can safely reach your home or business and safely return to our shop.

During the winter and summer we utilize an insulated door jam to prevent the loss of interior air. So it’s really never too cold or hot to do the job. On hot and humid summer days we utilize air movers to speed up the evaporation process. Our goal is to get your carpets dry as soon as possible!

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